Soursop Guanabana leaves are also traditionally used to treat headaches, colds, back pain, and eczema. Propagation Mattingly-Arthur is studying travel and tourism through Penn Foster Career School. Tree Pruning & Removal Services Wholesaler/Landscaper Current Promotions PLANT RENTAL 561.336.3147 Featured Products > ... form of preserved pulp, nectar and jelly. Prune soursop the same way it is done to hibiscus, cocoa plants etc. If you like a tree's fruit and want more of it, your best option may be grafting. Make sure you remove twigs and water sprouts; diseased and decayed branches. Soursop Fruit Farming Guide For Beginners. Management of Plant Bacterial Diseases, and Control. No, you won’t be hurting the tree, but rather helping it become a thriving fruit tree for years to come. Tree pruning is quite beneficial since it allows light to reach the tree. A tree soursop can yield between 60-70 fruits in a year. Should your tree shed all its leaves be sure to water but not heavily until plenty of new leaves appear. Step 9) Remove dead, weak, and diseased branches from the Soursop tree with pruning shears in the spring before the leaf buds begin to open. This should be done after harvest. Leaves are used to make a tea and have sedative properties. The first step to growing a small fruit tree is to make a hard heading cut (a cut that removes the growing tip) when planting. Periodic pruning of atemoya trees can easily maintain trees at or below 8 to 12 ft in height. Advice. Soursop, guanabana Annona muricata Origin: It is thought that it originated in the Caribbean Islands and central America, but is now cultivated widely in many tropical regions of the world. Lemon trees are evergreen trees that do not … Tag: Pruning Soursop Tree. it brings fruits the size of a small palm kernel nut, but the fruit turns black, dry and dies off as soon as possible. Tag: Pruning Soursop Tree. There are three types of pruning: Pruning training is a type of pruning that can be shaped or tree architecture depends on each farmer. Soursop, Annona muricata, can grow from 25 to 30 feet in height and is widely grown in many cultures such as Mexico, the West Indies, South America, China, Australia, Africa, the Caribbean, and now, in southern parts of the United States.Naturally, guanabana trees … SourSop/Guanabana Tree in a 3 Gallon Container. Best growth is achieved in deep, rich, well-drained, semi-dry soil, but the Soursop tree can be and is commonly grown in acid and sandy soil, and in the porous, oolitic limestone of South Florida. Purdue University: Soursop (Annona muricata), University of Oklahoma: Annona Muricata (Soursop), Trade Winds Fruit: Soursop (Annona Muricata). Seeds should be washed before planting. Fruit trees can be quite forgiving and will bounce back if you prune too much or make a cut that you regret. As the tree has a tendency to ramificate, pruning is very important and is recommended during soursop cultivation, enabling greater light penetration, tighter pest control and facilitating an easier harvest. How to Grow a Soursop Tree. Fruit Catch v.1.0. Wait for the guanabana’s trunk to become at least 1 ⁄ 2 in (1.3 cm) thick. Prune your soursop trees every two to three growing seasons to control their size and shape, or as necessary to remove diseased, damaged, weak or crossing branches. 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